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ZETA-ERRE is a leading company in the Italian market in the design, manufacture and marketing of articles related to the mechanical transmission: CV joints, wheel side, side gearbox, transmission and Aftermarket tripod, which has established itself over the years for the quality of products, services and the expertise of its technicians.

Located in Giugliano in Campania (Naples, Italy) since 1998, thanks to the twenty years experience of the owner in the field, has immediately gained in Italy a significant segment of the market by creating trade agreements with leading dealers of automotive market.

The Corporate Policy of ZETA-ERRE is designed to offer products and quality services that meet the requirements and expectations required by the customer in order to increase the satisfaction of the customer loyalty and create a relationship that lasts over time.

In order to achieve this goal, the ZETA-ERRE has implemented and certified a Quality Management System ISO 9001:2000 which enables it to ensure the effective operation of all business processes, the achievement of objectives and continuous improvement .

The adoption of a Quality Management System has been a strategic decision of the Organization as allowed him to run your business effectively and to conquer new market segments in both the European and international level.

ZETA-ERRE, is a young company, versatile, able to meet all the needs of the market, thanks to a staff of skilled technicians engaged in research and development of new auto parts to conduct and supervise all phases of work from design up to the realization of the product.

The policy adopted by the company and the investments made enable ZETA-ERRE to have a competitive advantage over the competition and to keep it in time to ensure maximum product reliability and quality of offered service.