Since 1998, Zeta-Erre, thanks to the initiative of the owner Mr. Nicola Zinno, operates in outsourcing on the Italian market and abroad for the design, manufacture and marketing of articles related to the mechanical transmission: CV joints, wheel side, side gearbox, transmission and tripod for the aftermarket.

The wide range of items Zeta-Erre is continously updated through the development of new models whose production cycle is constantly monitored by the technical staff of the company, in order to ensure the geometric characteristics and tolerances for an optimum processing.

Our goal is to improve the reliability of our products, making them as design and functionality closer to the original one.
Brand Zeta-Erre, strong by a decade of experience in the automotive field, continues today to be synonymous of high quality and advanced technology for its product lines.
Zeta-Erre exports its products throughout Europe, making the company a reality to meet the needs of different markets and to ensure the utmost professional and reliability that has always distinguished it.

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